Dahbashi Historical Bath Gets Resuscitated

۷Berkeh: Dahbashi Bath, one of the historical sites in Gerash dating back to Qajar period, is on the way to resuscitation. This is a long-awaited news for the aficionados of the cultural heritage, who were increasingly worried about the gradual destruction of this invaluable monument.

Dahbashi Bath is a relatively small but beautiful traditional bath, built around 150 years ago by Haj Asadollah Dahbashi, one of the most famous benefactors in Gerash who has also built the greatest water-reservoir in Iran called “Bekeh Kal”, and a number of other historical sites in Gerash. The bath was thought to be destructed for a long time, but was discovered 5 years ago, when a group of visitors found it relatively intact.

“We’ve been highly careful in choosing the right way to restore this historical bath,” says Gholamreza Armanmehr, the observer of this project, “and finally we decided to give the job to a professional group of traditional masters from Isfahan.”

As Armanmehr reports, the project is a working ground for different parties: The City Council, the municipality, Gerash Development and Cooperation Institute, Cultural Heritage Association, and the ICOMOS society of Gerash. It was Gerash Development and Cooperation Institute that raised the necessary funding for starting the first phase of the restoration, “and now we are hoping that other parties will continue their support for later phases,” says Mr. Armanmehr.

The Bath will become a tourist attraction along the line stretching from Haft-Berkeh historical site to Berkeh Kal.

لینک خبر به زبان فارسی: مرمت حمام دهباشی شروع شد

Some words and expressions in this news story:

Dahbashi Bath: حمام دهباشی

cultural heritage: میراث فرهنگی

traditional bath: حمام سنتی

benefactor: نیکوکار

water-reservoir: برکه

Gerash Development and Cooperation Institute: موسسه توسعه و همیاری گراش

City Council: شورای شهر

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